The Basics

What is a good carry load for you and your dog on a pleasure hunt?

I can honestly say that in my years of raising and working Mountain Feist dogs that the three most valuable items that need to be in the timber with you and your dog every hunt are:

 1.  your dog's blaze orange, reflective collar with an attached name plate riveted to the dogs's collar. This plate should include the owners contact address and phone number, in case the dog is lost or injured. A GPS collar is invaluable tool for any hunt and should be considered, if it is at all possible by the dog's owner.

2.  Blaze orange hunting gear or a blaze orange hat at the bare minimum. Your state hunting license should an obvious carry item. It is paramount to obey all posted state and federal hunting laws and to just be safe in general. 

3.  A reliable and well maintained firearm. A reliable firearm, regardless of make or model, is the only option when fielding a firearm for use as a squirrel hunting rifle. 

The "Serious" Squirrel Dog Hunter 

This section covers the gear more commonly associated with seasoned, professional, and Competition Mountain Feist Dog Hunters.

1.  A purpose bred Mountain Feist dog from a respectable kennel.

2.  GPS Tracking and/or Training collar

3.  A modern sporting firearm with proper optics

4.  A durable and precise stopwatch 

5.  Well made Beta rope, flat, or Beta & Chain combo "Tree dog" leads

6.  A streamline upland game vest or small game "strap" vest

7.  A high visibility, green laser pointer

8.  a small aluminum bat or club for tapping on trees to move the squirrel from different areas of the tree. This technique is not recommended for den trees as it is illegal in most states to bother an animal in its den.

9.  A video camera, when able.

10.  Last but not least, a first aid bag for yourself and your squirrel dog.